Dust Caps


Commonly used in hydraulic quick disconnect couplings applications with multiple connection points, Hydraulic dust caps and plugs are both essential accessories for keeping dust and other airborne particles out of your coupling hydraulic quick disconnect couplings. Doing this can help you preserve the longevity and quality of your quick disconnect system and keeps every coupling in optimal working order whenever you need to switch over a fluid transfer connection.

Dust Caps & Dust Plugs

Adhering to the numerous application standards and needs of our customers, SafeWay we offer our protective dust caps and dust plugs with multiple material choices and design configurations to choose from. Made of either rubber or steel, they can be set up as a steel chain and ring configuration, or a unique molded one-piece combination cap and plug called the S449 Series. This model is available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes, with the 1/2″ S449-4M size available in Black (-4M), Blue (-4MB), Red (-4MR) & Green (-4MG). We have included helpful brochure, CAD model and technical specs below to help you select the perfect size and model for your unique application requirements.

If you are looking for additional assistance in the selection of hydraulic dust caps, our team of engineering professionals have experience working directly with these systems, and know how to make the proper selection for your application needs. In our 52 years of producing custom and ISO standard hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, we have partnered with numerous industry leaders, and brought significant innovations in design and engineering to life. Call us today!