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Industry Leader in Quick Action Couplings


Quick Couplings That Meet Specifications Common in Agricultural Applications


S20 Series Manual Connect Quick Couplings
Reliable and Economical

SafeWay's S20 Series quick couplings are a double shut-off design available with either a rugged ball valve or leak-free, high flow poppet valve. The reliable and durable locking ball mechanism provides smooth operation time after time. The one-way sleeve design allows implement break-away when the coupling is clamp mounted. The S20 Series is interchangeable half-for-half with the Parker/Pioneer 4000 Series. The S20 Series is available in 1/4" through 1" body size in a variety of thread sizes and styles. The 1/2" body size meets the dimensional requirements of the I.S.O. 5675 agricultural standard.

  S20 series
S40 Series Push to Connect Couplings
General Purpose Coupings

The S40 Series has the same specifications as the S20 Series, with the addition of our two-way (double acting) sleeve feature. Introduced by SafeWay in 1969, the two-way sleeve allows one-hand connect or disconnect when the coupling is clamp or bulkhead mounted. The S40 Series is interchangeable half-for-half with the Parker/Pioneer 4200 Series. Available in 1/4" through 1/2" body size in a variety of thread sizes and styles. The 1/2" body size meets the dimensional requirements of the I.S.O. 5675 agricultural standard.

  S40 series
S56 Series ISO 7241-1 Quick Couplings
Versatile Hydraulic & Fluid Transfer Couplings

SafeWay's S56 Series quick couplings meet ISO 7241-1 Series A dimensional requirements with improved performance over competitive interchanges (Aeroquip 5600, Parker 6600, etc.). the S56's smaller footprint and lighter weight allow system design flexibility. Rugged construction and low pressure drop make this series ideal for applications including plant maintenance equipment, skid-steer loaders, snow plows, mining, dump trucks, gooseneck trailers, chemical transfer lines, and many more.

  S56 Series
S70 Series Push to Connect: Connect Under Pressure Couplings
Hook-Up Under Full System Pressure

SafeWay's unique internal valving combined with the two-way sleeve feature. allows easy one-hand connection to a clamp or bulkhead mounted coupler while the male tip and female body half are both or either under pressure. After hook-up, valving within the coupling opens when the hydraulic system is operated. May be used with either an open center or closed center hydraulic system that has a control valve. The S70 Series interchangeable, half-for-half with the Parker/Pioneer 8200 Series. Available in 1/2" body size in a variety of thread sizes and styles.

  S70 Series
Pneumatic Couplings
Manual Connect Pneumatic Couplings

SafeWay's S80 Series meets the low-pressure requirements common to many workshop pneumatic systems. This series, available in 1/4” body size, meets the dimensional requirements common to the ARO-210 interchange.

SafeWay’s S80 Series meets the low-pressure requirements common to many industrial workplace pneumatic systems. It features a durable manual connect locking system. This series, available in both 1/4” and 3/8” body size, meets the dimensional requirements common to the ISO6150-B interchange (Tru-Flate).

  S80 and S82 series
Coupler Adapters
Connect Non-Interchangeable Agricultural Tips & Couplers

Although most of today’s agricultural products share a basic commonality in the quick coupling interchange used (through ISO standards) in the not to distant past some agricultural OEM’s took pride in creating their own unique configuration. This was a nightmare for the end user. SafeWay Hydraulics was first to provide a simple and quick solution. Twelve different products allow interconnecting non-incompatible tractor hydraulic systems. Our newest additions allow agricultural products to be connected to skid-steer loaders!

  coupler adapters
ISO Agricultural Tips
Ball Valve and Poppet Valve Models

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has adopted standardization requirements for interchangeability and performance of 1/2" agricultural male tips. SafeWay's S71 Series male tips, with either ball check or poppet check, meet or exceed these requirements. To date, all tractor manufacturers have accepted ISO 5675 as the "standard" for their equipment. SafeWay's 1/2" S20 Series and S70 Series female couplers accept all ISO 5675 male tips.

  ISO agricultural tips
Agricultural O.E.M.
Old Style Interchange Couplers & Tips for Early Tractor Models

SafeWay Hydraulics manufactures a full line of agricultural O.E.M. interchange replacement products. End users can replace the uniquely shaped previous designs (old style) products manufactured for their early model tractors. Old style quick couplers and mating male tips are available for both John Deere and International Harvester, with pipe thread or ORB (straight) thread. Old style male tips are available for Case with pipe thread only.

agricultural OEM

SafeWay's hydraulic quick disconnect couplings and quick disconnect hose couplings can be used wherever connection and disconnection of a fluid transfer line is required. Through the years, these hydraulic quick disconnect fittings/hydraulic quick connect couplings have been widely used on both mobile and industrial applications. Quick disconnect hydraulic couplers can be found on a wide range of equipment used in the agricultural industry including tractors, sprayers, combines, self-propelled combines, skid steer loaders, wire pullers, and hydraulic presses and more.

SafeWay specializes in adding value to fluid transfer system designs, including quick connect couplings and hydraulic quick couplers, to optimize function and manufacturability. All the quick disconnect coupling products from SafeWay have been developed with the same attention to high quality.

As part of dedication to outstanding customer service, engineers committed to the SafeWay brand collaborate with OEM designers every day to improve fluid transfer system function and manufacturability with the use of quick disconnect fittings and other quick connect couplers. SafeWay brings value-added engineering, precision metal machining, plastic injection molding, stamping and grinding, and assembly operations all under one roof.

Safeway's parent company, Specialty Mfg. Co., has been making products in the USA for over one hundred years. They are a company committed to customer service and have a rich history of collaborating with customers and business partners to creatively meet challenges of product requirements. To quote company a publication: 'Turning ideas into efficient solutions is the result of collaboration and partnership with our customers."