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Industry Leader in Quick Action Couplings

SafeWay Fluid Transfer: Leading Manufacturer of Standard and Custom Hydraulic Fittings


SafeWay Fluid Transfer, a division of St. Paul based Specialty Manufacturing Company, is a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic fittings. SafeWay couplers are standard components on a wide range of industrial products around the world but SafeWay sets itself apart from other manufacturers by specializing in custom manufacturing for clients with unique challenges. Here are a few things we pride ourselves on:

  • Design and Engineering
    The company welcomes projects that other manufacturers can’t or won’t do. SafeWay prides itself on delivering value-added solutions to customers who need a modification to their fluid transfer equipment or application. Whether your project involves the alteration of basic couplers or a fully custom hydraulic fitting solution, SafeWay engineers listen, analyze, design, test, and then deliver the best product for your application.

  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
    The company leverages expertise across six manufacturing disciplines and interrelated services and capabilities all under one roof. This arrangement, called vertical integration, allows SafeWay to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products, such as custom hydraulic fittings and custom couplers, for collaborative design solutions.

    Assembly operations are based on demand-driven manufacturing to coordinate customer orders with production scheduling. Parts flow seamlessly into assembly, warehousing, and shipping. By leveraging skills, expertise, and products from different capabilities within the company, SafeWay Hydraulics meets industry challenges and provides quality solutions for new and returning customers.

  • Experience The Specialty Manufacturing Co. has over 100 years of manufacturing experience, is ISO certified, and makes its products in the USA. That foundation of quality extends into all of our brands and SafeWay is no exception. Since 1969 SafeWay has delivered standard and customized fittings and couplings for fluid management and fluid transfer systems. Widely used in agricultural, construction, and industrial applications, SafeWay has refined engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing processes to set the standard for quality and innovative fluid transfer applications around the world.

At SafeWay, we specialize in adding value to fluid transfer designs to optimize function and manufacturability. We are proud to say “Custom fluid transfer is our specialty”. Turning ideas into efficient solutions is the result of collaboration and partnership with our customers. Partner with The Specialty Manufacturing Company now to see your ideas made real!