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Industry Leader in Quick Action Couplings

S10 Series

Quick couplers in hardened steel

SafeWay's S10 Series is a general purpose, double shut-off quick coupling capable of containing a wide variety of fluids. Primarily used for the transfer of hydraulic fluid, they can also be used with chemicals and some gases. Widely used in both stationary and mobile industrial applications.


  s10 series
Meets dimensional requirements of ISO 7241-1 Series B, the most widely used Industrial Interchange.
Available in body sizes from 1/8" to 1" with pipe thread and SAE O-ring Boss (ORB) standard.
Standard material is steel.
Interchangeable half-for-half with Aeroquip FD45, Hansen HK, and Parker 60 Series as well as others conforming to this interchange.
Double shut-off poppet style valving with captive poppet seal provides a durable, guaranteed leak-free seal.
Full-flow design for optimum system performance.
All S10 Series quick couplings are 100% leak tested.
Seals for most fluids available upon request..
Heavy-duty detent ball latch design for a reliable connection time after time.
Only rugged, high quality carbon steel valving and retainers; no powdered metal parts.
Sleeve lock, one-way shut-off, and straight-thru designs are available.
Sleeve lock, one-way shut-off, and straight-thru designs are available.
Heavy-duty steel dust caps and dust plugs are available for the male tip halves and female body halves.
Field repair kits are available for 3/4" and 1" couplers in all materials and O-ring compounds.
Method of obtaining and presenting performance data conforms to ANSI (NFPA) T3.20.2.R2, Hydraulic fluid power - Quick action couplings - Test methods.