Specialty Integrated Services produces a broad line of cutting blades and industrial machine knives for the tape, paper, and plastic industries, and has been doing so for over 70 years. Specialty Integrated Services produces industrial blades that are of the highest quality using In-house tooling design and construction methods, along with proprietary manufacturing processes.  In addition to a high standard of production quality, Specialty Integrated Services delivers industrial blades that are priced competitively for use in a variety of industries.

At Specialty Integrated Services, we pride ourselves on timely deliveries and our ability to perform lot  processing inspection systems to meet and ensure your quality requirements. To offer the best possible lead times, we have in-house capabilities for production, we provide supplementary services, and we work with trusted vendor partners to ensure our industrial blades fully meet your requirements.

Specialty Integrated Services also welcomes the opportunity to assist our customers in product design. Our engineers will work with you to ensure maximum design quality for manufacturing and assembly. Excellent customer service and satisfaction are hallmarks of our company and foundational to our business success. Our commitment to customer service will ensure your continued business success, as well. The proof is in the final product.

Specialty Integrated Services is an integral part of The Specialty Mfg. Co., one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers. For over a century, The Specialty Mfg. Co. has been a leader in manufacturing innovative products. Specialty Integrated Services has honed its expertise and processes since 1900. The Company produces nearly all components necessary for our broad line of world class metal and plastic valves. This expertise is a valuable resource for other manufacturers interested in partnering with the best!