Color Coded Anodizing Simplifies Multi-Line Connection Systems

Eliminates Errors and Streamlines Changeover

When a leading manufacturer of high-performance lubricants needed to be certain workers could quickly and easily distinguish among their fluid lines’ many standard quick disconnects, the production workers sometimes made costly connection errors that cross contaminated fluids.

The lubricant manufacturer turned to SafeWay for a solution to their error-prone fluid-transfer process. The engineers created a new, color-coded (anodized) quick disconnect system that allowed production workers to separate fluids based on color. The system also helped prevent future fluid-transfer mistakes by incorporating male and female components that wouldn’t physically connect the wrong fluid lines.

The custom quick disconnect fluid-transfer solution made it possible for the manufacturer to eliminate costly product waste and time-consuming rework. Production workers now benefit, too, from a more comprehensive process for transferring fluid.