Vertically Integrated Manufacturing



Specialty Manufacturing company’s vertical integration combines engineering, advanced metal machining, plastic injection molding, grinding, stamping and assembly capabilities under one roof. Along with over 100 years of expertise to assure that optimized manufacturing is integral to every product we make. Reducing overall costs and lead times help take the worry out of the most challenging projects. We have the experience to take on the manufacturing challenges that our competitors can’t or won’t attempt.

Fluid Transfer Showcase

vim metal machining

Metal Machining

Specialty Integrated Services Precision Machining operates a complete and fully equipped facility for a full range of machining services. With our wide array of state-of-the-art CNC and mechanical equipment, we have the right machines and personnel to run your parts economically and to your precise specifications. From low volume to high volume, simple to complex, Specialty Integrated Services Precision Machining will provide the precision machined parts you require. Our equipment and operators are well versed in almost all machinable materials used today. We have one of the largest inventories of brass in the Midwest including 12L14, T303 and many others. Our machinists are highly skilled at the techniques required for precision metal machining. In addition, Specialty Integrated Services offers other important services including Engineering and CAD support, and our facility supports the secondary operations necessary to complete your project.

hydraulic assembly component


The Specialty Mfg. Co’s. approach is to streamline supply chain management and add value to your process by producing fully assembled, ready to install components that meet your specifications. We take pride in producing consistently high-quality assembled components that meet the highest expectations for delivery and performance, yours.

safeway vim engineering


The Specialty Manufacturing company welcomes the opportunity to assist our customers in product design. Our engineers will work with you to ensure that your designs are optimized for both function and manufacturability. We routinely add value the components we make. Excellent customer service and satisfaction are hallmarks of our company and foundational to our business success. Our commitment to doing those things other partners can’t or won’t do ensures ongoing success and a superior value, as well. The proof is in the final product.

Commercial Grinding Metal Industry


Specialty Integrated Services produces a broad line of cutting blades and industrial machine knives for the tape, paper, and plastic industries, and has been doing so for over 70 years. Specialty Integrated Services produces industrial blades that are of the highest quality using In-house tooling design and construction methods, along with proprietary manufacturing processes. In addition to a high standard of production quality, Specialty Integrated Services delivers industrial blades that are priced competitively for use in a variety of industries.

Metal Stamping Company

Metal Stamping

Specialty Integrated Services Metal Stamping specializes in low to medium/high volume precision stampings and cutting blades for products such as electrical contacts, circuit boards, and cutting blades.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Specialty Integrated Services Plastic Injection Molding is a full-service injection and insert injection molding partner. A leader in polypropylene injection molding, based in Minnesota, we operate 23 presses ranging from a 2 ounce shot size in our smallest 25 ton press to 80 ounce shot size in our 500 ton machine. Our plastic injection molding service can deliver a broad range of standard and custom products.

Metal Fabrication Quality Control

Quality Control

The Specialty Manufacturing Co. is committed to complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. The company is large enough to produce high volume standard products, yet we are flexible enough to deliver superior quality, value-added, customized results at a competitive price. We seek out customers who share our commitment to value-added design and development of quality products.

Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM

Specialty Integrated Services Wire EDM division specializes in low to medium/high volume EDM cutting of precision parts. Wire EDM services provide an extremely precise method of cutting electrically conductive materials with a very high degree of precision--and with minimal or no tooling required. Thin material can be stacked to yield hundreds of parts at one time, making this method a competitive alternative to the more costly process of stamping tooling. Specialty Integrated Services is experienced with a wide variety of materials and can work with customer supplied materials for custom designed projects. To provide the best possible customer lead times, supplementary operations in-house and specialized services from trusted vendor partners are available to ensure our wire edm products fully meet your requirements.

Fluid Transfer Showcase

Partnered with parent company The Specialty Manufacturing Co., SafeWay strives to continuously innovate our manufacturing capabilities, while tailoring our services to the varied needs of our customers. We are proud of the custom and ISO standard solutions we provide for industry leaders in agriculture, electronics, manufacturing and much more. As ISO standard and custom coupling manufacturers, we are willing to work with our customers to explore and execute unique solutions that leverage the use of plastic and metal materials, and varied finishing methods, such as hardening, annealing and various coatings.


modular electronics cooling coupler

Modular Electronics Cooling

Reliable, Quick and Easy Modular Design When a new customer came to us in need of a fluid transfer coupling solution for cooling within electronics enclosures, we met the challenge head on. In this unique case, off-the-shelf couplers were too large and heavy for the confined space of their products. SafeWay engineers recommended reducing the

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single zerk hydraulic system

Custom Zerk for Track Tensioning System

Simplifies Lubrication, and Maintenance Time is money when managing routine maintenance and lubrication of drive tracks on excavating equipment. A leading excavation machinery manufacturer designed a single zerk hydraulic system to deliver and bleed grease used to set/adjust track tension on their equipment. The system required a reliable and durable mechanism to inject lubricant, and

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color coded anodizing connections

Color Coded Anodizing Simplifies Multi-Line Connection Systems

Eliminates Errors and Streamlines Changeover When a leading manufacturer of high-performance lubricants needed to be certain workers could quickly and easily distinguish among their fluid lines’ many standard quick disconnects, the production workers sometimes made costly connection errors that cross contaminated fluids. The lubricant manufacturer turned to SafeWay for a solution to their error-prone fluid-transfer

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