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SafeWay - A Leading Hydraulic Coupling Manufacturer

Shortly after its founding in 1969, SafeWay introduced the first two-way sleeve quick-connect coupling. With this innovative product and design, SafeWay quickly established itself as an industry leader in innovation and reliability. The company, a leading hydraulic coupling manufacturer, is based in St Paul, Minnesota. Safeway fluid transfer products are designed, fabricated, and assembled in the USA. SafeWay is also a successful design partner and collaborator. Safeway frequently works with OEM's to design custom products for their unique fluid transfer applications.

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Custom Coupler Solution for Electronics Cooling Applications

Latest News

QuantaCool needed a unique refrigerant coupler to meet the demands of their new electronics cooling system. Off-the-shelf component options were too large and expensive, and other manufacturers would not produce the short-run couplers the application required. QuantaCool took their application requirements to the engineering team at SafeWay, who designed a unique coupler that fit the size and material requirements - at a cost-effective price. The new coupler not only met the demands required for thermal management in the reduced footprint of QuantaCool's PolarBox™ and PolarRak™ systems, it also simplified the assembly process. The result was a win-win for QuantaCool and their customers... More Information

SafeWay engineers at the Specialty Manufacturing Co. were engaged to examine the hydraulic zerk design for its overall function and manufacturability. After design review and testing, SafeWay engineers responded with... More Information

Wide Range of Hydraulic Connectors

SafeWay's hydraulic connector product line is impressive and includes quick disconnects that are used in a broad range of industries. Safeway quick disconnects meet specifications common in industries such as agriculture, construction, and other mobile equipment applications. SafeWay products are used in every industry where a fast and dependable fluid connection is required.

Quick Connect Hydraulic Fittings for use in a Variety of Machinery

SafeWay quick couplings and quick connect hydraulic fittings are standard equipment on a wide variety of products, including farm tractors, snow plows, sprayers, pressure washers, front-end loaders, skid-steer loaders, wire pullers, earth moving equipment, hydraulic rams and jacks, turf equipment, mining operations, chemical plants, steel mills, hydraulic hand tools, test benches, tractor trailers, hydraulic fracturing, rescue equipment, and offshore drilling rigs.Further, custom solutions have been developed for use in electronics cooling, fluid transfer, and equipment maintenance operations.

Hydraulic Quick Connect Fittings to Meet the Highest Standards

SafeWay hydraulic quick disconnect fittings have a solid reputation for ease of use without leakage, and with minimum restriction of flow during system operation. Many hydraulic quick couplers look alike on the outside. But performance specifications, ease of use, and overall reliability vary greatly from brand to brand. SafeWay quick couplings have advantages over competing products in their reliable design features, the high-quality materials used in production, and rigorous product testing. Product specifications and quality are second to none. All Safeway standard products meet ISO 7241, 16028, and 5675 specifications.

All of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.
Agricultural Quick Couplings
Quick Couplings That Meet Specifications
Common in Agricultural Applications

Industrial Quick Couplings
Quick Couplings That Meet Specifications
Common in Industrial Applications

Providing you with all your hydraulic coupling needs

"We are not selling a commodity, we are selling a service and this means that we custom design and manufacture products for our clients."
- Daniel McKeown, President