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SafeWay’s OCP-LIQC series tread-to-connect, high-flow couplings are designed for the liquid cooling market, specifically in collaboration with the Open Compute Project (OCP) for data center products and solutions. Fully interchangeable with other OCP Liquid Cooling couplings, the SafeWay OCP-LIQC series couplings can connect and disconnect while pressurized up to 35 PSI, can be connected by hand, and are optimized for minimal restrictions.

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SW101701 Socket


SW101701 Plug


Complete Coupler

Complete Coupler


Product Highlights


  • Connect/disconnect while pressurized up to 35 psi
  • Dry break/Heavy-duty
  • Ergonomically designed to connect by hand, 3 ft. lbs torque to mate
    Optimized for minimal flow restriction
  • Colored O-rings to indicate direction
  • Interoperable with other OCP InspiredTM LQC couplings
  • Valve type: O-Ring poppet
  • All wetted components stainless or EPDM




Designed for liquid cooling applications, the SafeWay SW10171 series is fully interchangeable with other OCP LQC couplings.


The Open Compute Project is a collaborative community dedicated to designing and developing standardized solutions for data center infrastructure. Within this ecosystem, companies like SafeWay, have played a pivotal role in designing a standard spec to be used industry wide.


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