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Series S10 BS10 SS10 S20 SH20 S30 S40 S51 S56 S70 FF49 SF49 FFE49 FFEC49 FDB49 FFB49 SSR61
Plated Steel     ✔(2)      
Stainless Steel                          
Brass             ✔(2)                  
Standard Buna-N Seals (-40° to +250° F)      
Viton® (F) Seals (-15° to +450° F) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (1) (Option)  
EPR (E) Seals (-70° to +300° F) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option)   (Option)
Other Seal Options (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option) (Option)    
Flush-Face Design                    
Poppet Valve                
Ball Valve                          
Screw Together (Thread to Connect)                              
Wing Nut or Hex Nut Sleeve                                
Two-Way Sleeve (Push-Pull)                              
Sleeve Lock (SL) (Option) (Option) (Option)           (Option)   (Option)        
Minimum Spill                    
ISO 7241-1 Series A                                
ISO 7241-1 Series B                            
ISO 16028                          
ISO 5675 (1/2″ Body Size)                                
Interchangable with Other Brands
Available Body Size Standard Threads  
1/8″ Pipe Thread (3)                            
O-Ring Boss (3)                                  
1/4″ Pipe Thread (3)                
O-Ring Boss (3)                            
3/8″ Pipe Thread (3)              
O-Ring Boss (3)                          
1/2″ Pipe Thread (3)              
O-Ring Boss (3)                      
3/4″ Pipe Thread (3)                  
O-Ring Boss (3)                          
1″ Pipe Thread (3)                  
O-Ring Boss (3)                            
1-1/4″ Pipe Thread (3)                                
O-Ring Boss (3)                                  
PERFORMANCE (Consult Specifications for Details) NOTE: K = 1,000 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI) Steel 3K-5K     3K-4K 6K 10K 3K-4K 2K-5K 4K-5K 3K 6K-10K   3K-5K 4K   3K  
Stainless Steel     2K-5K                 3K     1.4K   100
Brass   1.6K-4K           2K-5K                  
NFPA Rated Flow (GPM) (3) 0.8-50 0.8-50 0.8-50 3-50 3 3-6 3-12 12-76 3-50 12 10-12 10 3-50 12 50 12 3


(1) Special low temperature Viton® seals are standard (-40° to +482° F).
(2) S51 Series is available in brass or electroless nickel plated steel (-STL). Both include brass valving & ductile cast iron wing nut or steel hex nut.
(3) Consult catalog or SafeWay website for available Pipe Thread, O-ring Boss (ORB) sizes.
(4) Varies by body size – consult catalog, SafeWay’s website or factory regarding specific applications.
(5) Consult SafeWay website or the factory for specific interchange details.

Disclaimer: Interchange information is based on SafeWay products that interconnect due to dimensional compatibility. It does not take into account substantial differences in maximum operating psi and performance between brands or specific features unique to a given brand. Product part numbers and specifications change frequently. Please consult SafeWay’s website ( or Customer Service regarding interchangeability and technical information.
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.