Five Reasons to Partner with SafeWay

One of the leading hydraulic coupling manufacturers, Safeway Custom Fluid Transfer offers an array of hydraulic quick connect and disconnect couplings for many industries, including agriculture, construction, thermal management and beyond. Here are some of the top 5 reasons Safeway Custom Fluid Transfer is a great partner to have for your business:



With over 120 years experience in the custom industrial manufacturing sector, both Safeway and parent company Specialty Manufacturing Co. have a breadth of in-depth knowledge on your product category. With our hydraulic quick connect couplings, you can rest assured that your fluid transfer will be carried out as accurately and safely as possible, with nearly zero risk of leaks or ruptures.


Availability and Responsiveness


Operating at a smaller scale than some, we offer all of our clients the hands-on approach they need to meet their complex manufacturing requirements. With our staff of professional’s eager to help, we pride ourselves on being available as much as possible to assist customers, responding to their questions and requests as quickly as possible.


Product Quality


At Safeway, we understand the importance of hydraulic quick connect couplings and other fluid transfer couplings working properly every time. If there is ever a failure in the fluid transfer process, it could result in major delays, a faulty product, or even damage to your equipment. With quality materials and robust custom design capabilities, we ensure every fluid transfer coupling we make is designed to work flawlessly for many years to come.


Vertical Integration


At both Safeway Custom Fluid Transfer and Specialty Manufacturing Co., we have achieved vertical integration in our manufacturing process. By sourcing our own materials, building our own custom designs and carrying out the manufacturing process in-house, we feel we offer some of the most comprehensive manufacturing services in the industry. With our vertically integrated manufacturing set up, our products end up being of the highest quality we can achieve, and are perfect for each customer’s individual needs.


Made In The USA


All the products we make are made in the USA. With custom capabilities and high levels of craftsmanship, we feel our products are great examples of what high quality manufacturing processes can achieve.


Interested in finding out more? Call us today at 651 925 55620, or visit our website today to find our more about our hydraulic quick connect and disconnect couplings, and our custom manufacturing capabilities.