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Industry Leader in Quick Action Couplings


QUICK COUPLERS IN 303 Stainless Steel

SafeWay's SS10 Series is a general purpose, double shut-off quick coupler capable of enabling quick fluid transfer connections for a wide variety of fluids. Primarily used for the transfer of hydraulic fluid, stainless steel quick disconnect fittings and stainless steel quick disconnect hose fittings can also be used with water, steam, chemicals and some gases. Stainless steel quick disconnect fittings are widely used in both stationary and mobile industrial, agricultural, construction, food processing and electronics applications.

All the stainless steel quick disconnect fittings and stainless steel quick disconnect hose fittings from SafeWay benefit from close attention to detail and the highest quality standards. SafeWay specializes in adding value to fluid transfer system designs to optimize function and manufacturability.

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  s10 series

SafeWay Engineering is supported by the following services in the physical plant. They are vertically integrated to meet our customer's manufacturing needs:

Injection Molding: Decades of process, tooling and materials expertise
Backed by a full range of state-of-the-art precision equipment from 2oz/80-ton to 80oz/500-ton capacity. Lights-out operations assure that low and high-volume projects ship on time.
Metal Machining: State-of-the-art equipment and experience to economically produce parts to precise specifications - from simple to complex in low volume to large production runs.
Grinding: Precision secondary and finishing operations for critical coupler components.
Stamping: Specialties include medium/high volume precision stampings operations supported by in-house tool design and manufacturing. Press capabilities from 10 tons (for Miniature Stampings) to 110 tons, and parts from .003" up to .130" thick.
Assembly: Streamlined supply chain management; providing fully assembled, ready to install components. Cross trained workforce provides the last mile of manufacturing processes that assure on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Safeway's parent company, Specialty Mfg. Co., has been making products in the USA for over one hundred years. Our company is committed to customer service and have a rich history of collaborating with customers and business partners to exceed product performance specifications and customer requirements. To quote company a publication: "We routinely turn customer ideas into real products through collaboration and partnership."